Thursday, 8 May 2014

A big thank you to Honor

Good Morning all

and what a change from Tuesday's blue skies, today sees this being written next to a window covered in rain and by the look of those clouds it could stay like that all day. Although who knows?, I don't know what it's like where you are but here in the middle of England the weather has been rather erratic lately changing very fast from downpours to sun and back again.

But enough of my English preoccupation with the weather, (why are we like that?); today I want to say an enormous thank you to a lovely lady, who I don't know all that well, we go to the same dances and chat a bit. But I have found myself overwhelmed by her generosity. Another case of someone hearing what I'm up to and saying, 'I've got some ... in the back of a cupboard do you want it?'

Well in Honor's case it was feathers, and some other bits and pieces, she had dabbled at hat making awhile back and as all crafty people seemed to amassed 'some' bits and pieces.  I obviously said yes please and the other day she brought them along to a dance we were at. At the time I couldn't really see what was involved in the stash, but now having got it all out I am so lucky to know such wonderful generous people.  Honor, if you ever want a hat for anything please just ask and I would be delighted to make you one.

There was so much stuff here, loads of different types of feathers, hat bases, combs, ribbons, beads etc. Thank you Honor.

One of my favourite are goose biot feathers.

There were several different colours of these wonderful feathers which I love as they make such a dramatic impact to a hat. To take them from looking kinda dull to wow is as simple as curling a ribbon and just the same process. The feather has been striped on one side so if you drag a pair of scissors down that side it will curl or for a more dramatic curl you can use curling tongs and another technique is to attach the top and the bottom with gives a lovely look.

And here's some in a finished plume on a lovely mini-tricorn hat I am almost finished, just need to line this one now.

Well that's all for today, more next week
Hugs and Kisses


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