Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Just love a Bank Holiday x

Good Morning all you internet lovelies

and thank you for joining me once again for my thoughts on this lovely Tuesday morning. I have to say it is a lovely morning after a pretty heavy downpour last night the sky is now blue, with wispy clouds and the sun is shining. I hope it is the same wherever you are.

Yesterday was a bank holiday here in the UK, which meant another day with Dr J. at home and I love having Dr J. at home, although I am looking forward to the day when it doesn't mean we feel that we need to do something in restoring the house/garden.  Yesterday though we drew a line, still fairly done in from the week before (garden lowering) and decided we were having an afternoon off and I even resisted in the morning for a little gentle woodwork in the garage instead.

Two boxes made with leftover bits and pieces to be covered in the material I use for the stall tablecloth and to be sat on their sides as extra higher surface from the front and little hiding holes for bags and the like from the back.  This was a marvelous idea that I pinched from a lovely father and daughter act called Queenies Bazaar, who had a stall next to me on Saturday at Blakesley Hall. He had built these lovely boxes and had draws in some, I was very impressed, he had even sewn the box covers in the same material as their tablecloth, they looked very professional. Look them up on Facebook for all things vintage or their website, http://www.queenies-bazaar.co.uk,  for marvelous jewelry.

As usual I managed to draw blood, but not from the saws, just the screwdriver, go figure.

Just need to cover with material in time for the next stall, (a wedding fair in June, (more details later)) and they'll be done, bit by bit I am getting there. But back to yesterday morning...

 Dr J. got out his trust silicon gun and went round to fill up a load more gaps, why does plaster dry back so after a bit.  These gaps just keep appearing, gaps between the walls and skirting, the doors and walls, the ceiling and the walls, I am beginning to think that every place there is a change in surface will have a line of silicon in it soon. Perils of having to re plaster the whole house in one go I suppose (for new readers, we moved into a derelict house (empty for 4 years) and it has needed a lot of tender love and care, but my is it worth it now).

 The weekend also saw the fitting of our own stain glass window, made for us by a very old and dear friend John, who works at the Art of Glass (http://www.theartofglass.com). He is a very clever chap. We bought an old reclaimed door with a round stain glass window in it and he copied it and made a larger version for the window to the side of the door to fit over the double glazing. And then as if that wasn't enough he decided to re-do the glass in the door, (original was broken in several place) as an early wedding present. They look so good, we are real, real pleased. The house is really coming together now.

we got the circular mirror up too, hence the reflection

Then Bank Holiday Monday afternoon we took time for ourselves and cycled out along the canal path to a place called Earlswood, and I've just surprised myself by looking at a route planner and finding out it's 6.7 miles away, I'm fitter than I thought. We had a lovely time, bought an ice cream from a lovely shop in the craft center owned by a chap who it turned out lives just round the corner from us, small world. Walked around the lake and then cycled home. It was a really lovely way to spend the bank holiday, but now Dr J. has just gone to work and this week my thoughts are turning to wedding hats, so best get to it.  Chat more soon.

oh and just out of curiosity I seem to be having a really amazing amount of hits on an old post from last October called 'getting dizzy with all these circles' sometimes more than 30 a day over the last week, all from America. Can anyone tell me why? It wasn't that popular when I wrote it!

Hugs and Kisses


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