Thursday, 5 December 2013

Candy Box over now back to real life or lets get Christmassy x

Hello internet lovelies

Well not posted up yet this week as Dr J. has had a few days off work and we decided to get on with a few well overdue tasks, like booking our wedding date with the registrar for next autumn, and getting a little more organised with the wedding.  Sadly our first choice for evening venue is a no go, so it’s back to the drawing board for that one, but at least we know we have the date and a registrar and after all that is the main bit of the whole show. And also we have been having all sorts of internet problems that have held this post up, but you can't keep a good woman down so here we are.

Also another reason for Dr J. having the time off now was to recover from Candy Box Burlesque, the final meltdown, on Sunday.  It was brilliant, marvellous and ace.  Some lovely lady even recognised my corset from on here, which is jolly nice.  The show was spectacular and I especially liked Rod Laver who did an act on his own in the first half juggling Ping-Pong balls out of his mouth and then came out with his partner Alexandra Hofgartner for the second half and did a lovely cabaret act to involving Ping-Pongs and burlesque with Imelda-May singing "Missed Me" by the Dreson Dolls, beautifully I have to say.  One of the things that Candy Box prided itself on, quite rightly too, is that all its act are accompanied by The World Famous Palookaville Orchestra, live music and live acts (bit obvious on that second one, but you get the gist.) Actually I remember a joke by a stand-up comedian once, can’t recall who, “Live girls dancing, what not Stiffs on a String” or something to that effect. Probably better in context, or at least in my head.

Anyway the acts were fab and then afterwards there was chance to catch up with friends we had not seen for a long time and also a little bit of marketing and new ideas for different directions, steampunk and outfits for burlesque dancers, pasties take up hardly any material. They are the things that cover up a lady’s, or gent’s nipples.  As a matter of interest the reason burlesque is not striptease, is that the acts do not get completely naked, always having what are considered the really rude bits covered.  There are some burlesques that go down the smutty route and some that go down the deviant path, but the ones I go to are good old musical hall entertainment at heart, and great fun.

Now sadly due to a bag misjudgment, it's a little on the small side, I was unable to take my phone out with me and consequently had no camera, but once I get a photo of me from someone else I will post one up, in the mean time here are my accessories, all made by me and available to purchase or custom made in any colour or material.
Be lovely for a winter wedding.

So Candy Box over and done, and also at the weekend, Moselele did our first Christmas gig, and we are now firmly into December so I feel quite justified in getting the lovely Christmas feeling tinged with small glow of excitement that will no doubt grow over the next few weeks.  This will be the first Christmas in our new home and also the first time in a joint home so we are trying our best to get the last of the DIY done and as I type this Dr J. is putting shelves up. Yesterday I completed one of the cabinets and almost finished the other just waiting for the glass glue to set, both eBay finds and we're very pleased with them. Turned out lovely, with a bit of love and restoration.  Actually due to internet delays, glass is now set and the cabinet reassembled so it is also included in the photos.

Back to normal service next week, with some more on the bullet bra front.
hugs and kisses
ally x

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