Thursday, 28 November 2013

Corset complete x

morning all,

It's Thursday, which means it's down hill now to the weekend. And that can only mean one thing Candy Box is almost here. The final line up of acts sound phenomenal, and on one hand I just can't wait, but on the other I'm thinking I haven't made any sleeves yet, that is to say something to go under the corset to make it a little more modest, so that will need thinking about rather quickly.

But before we get ahead of ourselves, here is the final bit of waffle about the corset itself.  At the end of Monday's post I had finished the eyelets, after that I took to the garage with hacksaw in hand, and I can tell you it was cold.  I am just getting over a bit of a cold too, so it felt doubly worse, but enough moaning, it wasn't all that bad.

The flat steel bones needed cutting to size, the edges sanding down smooth and then dipping in the bone tipping solution.  Then leave them overnight to dry, and make sure they are really dry before inserting in your corset.
Bone tipping solution lasts forever, I am still on my first bottle and not even half way through.  The only problem being that it is always a while between uses and the lid gets stuck down, so I end up having to pour boiling water over the lid to get it moving each time.  Hence the label is now fairly blurred.

The spiral steel bones needed cutting to size also, but this is easier as if you just cut though one thread of steel on both sides it comes apart.

The end caps require a little bit of a knack and 2 pairs of pliers, but without them the sharp end of the steel would be through the material in no time.
If you just squash the end cap on and then squeeze down with one pair of pliers, the ends will spread out and the cap will be loose, so then you squash the ends back in and the top spreads out and the cap is loose, you can spend along time on this stage, squashing the ends, squashing the top over and over. So the only way forward is to hold the ends in tight to the boning with one pair of pliers and then squash the top tight with another pair and then your end cap is lovely and secure. Alternatively use vise and a pair of pliers if you find that easier.

So all my bones in place, next step is to secure them there and to finish of the bottom of the corset. It really should be covered with bias ribbon like the top, but due to lack of time and at present ribbon, I have decided to oversew the edges to stop fraying and neaten them off, so I cut the messy edges off and oversew.

If this was to be worn more often I wouldn't do it this way and if the need arises I can always do it properly later on.  After oversewing I neaten up the end of the bias tape that is running down the centre of the back 

 Lace up the eyelets and try it on.  And I have to say I am fairly pleased with the way it has turned out. Although apologies for the photos I was trying to get the time on the phone camera to work, really need a tripod if I'm going to get anywhere with this stuff.

 After this, I then wore it round the house for a good hour I was enjoying it so much. Well best get on with those sleeves.  I will post up more pictures of the completed outfit next week, and maybe some of the Candy Box too.

take care all
hugs and kisses

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