Monday, 1 December 2014

The Bustle Part 2

Good Morning all

Just a little post to finish off the bustle information. I'll keep it brief as you might be getting bored with all of this by now.
So basically I made the apron part a lot shorter than the original pattern
and then on one side attached the front to the back, adding a small drape in the middle.

On the other side the drape was attached to the front and then I used a length of hook and eye tape to allow me to fasten it around my waist and hips. This allowed me to put it on quite easily and cover up quite a lot of the raw edges in the process.
The rest of the raw edges I covered up with bias binding.
Then I added a few little dark blue crystals to the top of the bustle, ticked it off the list as finished, and moved on to making to corset style top.
I also added a little loop of binding tape on the inside of the waistband so that I could attach a little draw string bag that I made for my glasses. Without my glasses I would have made quite a mess of signing the register so I needed some way of keeping them with me and the outfit had no pockets. I used an old necklace to decorate it and the chain part became the drawstring attaching it to the loop. 

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