Thursday, 24 July 2014

This Thursday I ...

Evening All,

A different time for me to get a blog post written today. I normally try to get these done first thing in the morning, but at the moment the UK is having a bit of a heatwave and the sewing room is at the back of the house where the sunshine comes in from mid afternoon till it sets and this has kind of prompted me to change me sewing habits and jiggle with 'the plan' a little, as it is just too hot in there then. I know I should have some curtains I could close, but I only have a light net and it really doesn't do anything, besides it is rather rare for us to have such a good summer and I don't want to shut it out.

Something quite momentous happened last week, and you know I haven't even mentioned it to you yet what with all the other things going on in my head. I passed 10,000 blog views. How about that, I almost let it go unmentioned all together, but heh it is worth reporting, so here is to me and my blog, and most definitely to you too all my lovely readers, it still amazes me. In fact it has already gone up 350 since then. What can I say?

Wedding news then, Dr J.'s material has been shipped today but I don't think that it will arrive in time for it to be made into a shirt for Monday 4.00, not a hope, so he will have to wear something else. But I went on a little trip to the fabric store and found just the right shade of blue satin I wanted. So far I have made the skirt with lower bodice attached and tomorrow I plan to draft the top to mimic the bridesmaids' dress pattern, so that when I change into it, there will still be a continuation to the theme, I may also make a bit of petticoat out of the blue to go with the main dress. Talking of main dress I had a thought earlier, that rather inspired me, but I can't tell you about it. It is rather frustrating this as I kinda use this blog as a diary, you know the sort that personal thoughts go in, not a list of your activities at work next week. But I have to remind myself that people read this, yes 10.000 views proves that. And people I know read it too, which is the problem really. I don't mind keeping these secrets with you folks out there in internet land who will never meet me, but then I run into someone in the supermarket I haven't seen for a while and they will say something like 'read your blog, like the bit about the bras' or something similar and then what do you do?

Anyway I will try to keep a note of all the things I wanted to tell you for after the wedding and then I can put them all in here. But back to Monday. We are have a pre-shoot with our wedding photo chap Rob, this is a link to his blog, Rob Farrell,  know him anyway and as soon as we decided we wanted to go down the road of having a 'proper' photographer I decided to get in touch with him and thankfully he was free on the day. He specialises in weddings with a difference and that is exactly what we want. I can't wait for Monday as he plans to take us to some really cool locations around town as well as use our house and instruments to get a real feel for the us, and get us used to the camera. I will share some of his photos with you as soon as I can.

What else to tell you, oh yes, Dr. J. is on holiday for the next two weeks. We are not going anywhere, but plan to use the time with wedding planning and things oh so many secrets. One day you will know it all. But that means that  blogs may be a little sporadic next week, just giving you fair warning. Well it's a little late now as I started this before dinner, stopped for quite a while, dinner, dog walk and gardening in the cool evening air, before finishing, so I'm off now to bed. Till next time.

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