Wednesday, 30 July 2014

the ring, my precious..

Afternoon my internet lovelies

I hope that today you are well. Just a quick post today to keep you up-to-date with progress of Dr J.'s 2 weeks off for wedding planning. 

We ordered our rings yesterday. I am really rather excited about them, matching obviously, although not necessarily obviously at all, but matching nonetheless. And shaped to go around the stone in my engagement ring, its not a huge stone but still a band would need a little bit taken out to fit round it.  So originally I thought a twist in the centre would do that like this one.

But when we were in the shop the very nice chaps behind the counter were showing us all sorts of shapes and designs. It got rather confusing for awhile, until we came across one that was the perfect shape to nestle against my ring and also look good on its own for Dr J.

I believe it's called a wave shape and looks a little like this one. But we are having them made up to match my engagement ring and I am so excited. It all seems to be becoming real now.

Also on Monday we spent hours with Rob our photographer playing at being models both at home and at a local park. It was great fun and really nice with everyone else in the park, and it was crowded with the summer holidays, smiling at us and watching.  Here is one of the previews he has sent us that I particularly like, and thankfully I had painted nails before as we had no idea what he would make us do.

 Isn't that the sweetest?

The material hadn't arrived in time for Dr J.'s shirt so he wore another I had made which I particularly like and I had managed to finish my dress so we were both kitted out in honey pot creation clothing which is always a good feeling. I love the contrast of us all dressed up and the derelict look of the old park buildings.

Well things are in full swing and this evening we will be starting to make the favours, they are going to be such fun, I really hope everyone will love them, can't believe it is all really happening. More soon, but until then
Hugs and Kisses


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