Monday, 21 July 2014

Cycling provides inner-peace.

Morning Lovelies

Right having had a lovely weekend, which included:
 dancing and a lovely alfresco lunch, thanks to Hot Ginger; and another one for next weekend too, we're being spoiled.

 gardening; some of the berry plants have made it from their pots into the ground, where they will, hopefully be trained to grow across the fence for easy picking; (Jessie has had a friend stopping for a sleep-over too)

 performing, only one song, but great fun, with the Magnificatz, Dr J.'s band, love my ukulele;

watching JJT do a 'featuring' session with the band, that man can sing;

drawing lovely burlesque artists at Birmingham's Dr Sketchys Anti Art School, it's a franchise so have a look to see if there is one by you. They are great entertainment for a Saturday afternoon;

(not a great artist, but I enjoy it.)

watching a cracking thunderstorm;
and making pizzas from scratch with the kids.

I'm ready for a full week of productivity.  Already this morning I have cycled the 4 and1/2 miles to my 'local' hobby craft. I needed to get some more flowers to complete the button holes for the wedding, keep thinking of extra people who need them. Thoroughly enjoyed the part that was along the canal path, so peaceful, with the scent of the flowers and the bird song, so hard to believe that the whole journey was through a city.

But 9 miles on my exercise total for the week already, bonus, flowers purchased, bonus, managed to cycle up May lane without stopping, last part of the journey and it's a bit of a hill, bonus, and when I got back the postman had delivered a parcel from America and a lovely lady who sell on Etsy as Thimbledfingertips.
This is the pattern I have decided to use for the top half of my wedding dress, just need to alter the skirt, (well completely different skirt) but you can't see it yet though, who knows who may be reading this, (Dr J. I'm talking about you xx.)
Anyhow I couldn't believe that it had arrived already, so double bonus, what a start to the week. And I'm not spending ages on here now and losing that momentum, so if there are any mistakes in grammar etc it cause I have bothered much with the proof reading.
So still to do today, finish the collar for the guest blog on lovely Lauren's Wearing History sew-along. I will share the pocket's one and the collar one with you guys soon, but if you want them now or any of the other posts about the sew-along just click here.suitalong250px

And sew a pair of pegs (that's trousers for those who were wondering) for Dr J., the ones he plans to change into at the wedding, for the last part of the evening do, or thereabout, when he gets fed up with his suit I guess. I want to get them done now as next Monday we are have a pre-wedding photoshoot with our lovely photographer Rob, tell you more about him later too, and he will take a load of photos, one of which will be used for our wedding guest signing photo, so I was thinking it would be nice to wear the wedding clothes as it will be hanging on our wall after. Obviously this will depend on the material I am having custom made for his shirt turning up before Monday and me making the dress I plan to wear before then too, so that's why I need to be fully productive this week, but after the lovely start to the day I'm feeling good to go. How could I not be when I've cycled along here..

I'll let you know how it's going later in the week. Hoping you are all have a grand time too.

Hugs and Kisses


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