Thursday, 17 July 2014

Procrastination is the name of the game Part Two

Morning Lovelies
So this is a post that carries on from my Monday Post as that was starting to get too long and I was using the blog to get me out of doing 'planned tasks'. The whole issue in the first place.

So I left it with me trying to think of was of being more proactive with my task list and thinking that Dr. J. would be a good role model.
Well I had a little chat with Dr. J. when he came home from work and it turns out he just gets on with things, well dur. But I probed further and he love a good tick list as much as me. Each day he has his diary next to him with a list of tasks and he does them, and if he hasn't managed to complete Mondays before Tuesday then Tuesday doesn't start till the day before gets completed. But this is quite rare apparently for him, but not so for me. So I think that this is one way in which we differ: Planning, in advance, how long a task should take and here I don't do so well. I'm an optimist, very much so, which in general terms is very good, but in planning I tend to think I can get things done a lot quicker than I actually can. Is this optimism or just bad planning?

Dr J. will allocate a reasonable amount of time for a task and so will be able to complete it and move on to the next. I think I can do something in a couple of hours and find I'm still doing it by the end of the day. So one way round this might be to get the time allotted tasks (eg 1 hour's housework) out the way first thing, so they are done and other tasks can't run over them.
Another of Dr J. strengths is his ability to stick to a plan, if he has a task he has allotted to a time, he won't turn on the computer before starting just to check his emails, and he won't agree to go to a meeting that he could just read the minutes for etc. I think this is a skill that I can emulate. So lets put that together

As a reminder here is what I was trying to do in the first place:

        1 hour's paperwork, 1/2 hour's housework and 1/2 sort through boxes and organise and then rest day to be spent doing day to day stuff.

Plan of Action.

on Monday,
set out the major tasks for the week.
Then allocate a length of time to each one.
Then double that time. (if the task finishes earlier I will have bonus time).
spread the tasks through the week, taking account any deadlines. I feel an excel spreadsheet coming on.

And dont forget to allocate time to doing the above.

Each Day
do the time related tasks first NO procrastination, just do. (This I'm going to find the hardest, I've years of practice doing things the other way.) And stop when the time is up and just put away again to finish next time.
check emails and website after the above tasks, but no social Facebook till lunch time.
do Honey Pot Creation vital stuff, fulfilling orders etc.
and last do creative stuff.

On Friday,
Give myself a treat day, 1 day a week to not do housework, paperwork or sorting boxes, so this is the day I can be truly creative and free, cause when I have tried these sort of things before if I don't have a little time to look forward to, the rest all falls to pot. (Now that's a funny saying, falls to pot, what's that all about? or did I just make it up?). Anyhow without 1 day to look forward to I know I wont stick to the plan. Worried now that you'll think I'm so spoiled, believe me I really do appreciate my life, I love my 'job'. I've just been feeling a little frustrated with letting certain tasks build up and overwhelm. So this plan will help me get back on track, and make sure that certain tasks like 'internet time' do get put into the week, for updating the website and networking etc. I've loads of items that I've made and they still haven't been put on the website or Etsy, oops.

Another plus point to remember is that sorting out boxes will not last forever I don't have that many, and paperwork, once sorted and in better order, will be able to be cut down to less time. So this plan won't last forever and I may have developed a few good habits by the end of it.

Ok back on with the positive thinking. I already have a folder marked pensions, loads of paper thrown away and 2 companies informed of my change of address, (1 of which still thought I was at an address 2 moves ago, oops). Feeling better with myself and I'm about to go and spend this day's half hour box time on a box in the sewing room. Who knows what lovely things I may find.... Till next time

Hugs and Kisses


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