Monday, 14 July 2014

Procrastination is the name of the game..

Morning Lovelies

Can't believe it's Monday already, these weeks are just flying by. Each week I have every intention of being productive, and I try believe me I try, but every day ends with me still not having got round to doing certain planned tasks. I have every intention of doing 1 hour's paperwork, 1/2 hour's housework and 1/2 sort through boxes and organise and the rest of the day Honey Pot Creations stuff and I have been trying to do this for several weeks now, but each day ends with me only managing 1 of these tasks if any. And I hate to admit it but the sewing room has slipped into chaos again, regular readers will remember my last big tidy. Now it's not like I'm particularly trying to flog myself into the ground, but I feel I should be able to do a little more, after all there are 24 hours in a day and if I was a little more organised it wouldn't take me so long to find what I want and so be more productive, point of fact a couple of days ago whilst looking for something else I found my pin vise, then yesterday when I wanted to use said pin vise, could I find it? like hell I could, no where to be seen, so I spent a fruitless 2 hours looking and came up short. Last week I didn't even get round to my second blog post, which I apologise to regulars for.

Ok Monday is a fresh start, and this is the great joy of Mondays, there is one a week to make a fresh start in, (and if you miss it you can always use Tuesday). There is never any point dwelling on what you haven't achieved, so I can only say I will try harder this week, after all it's only 2 hours out of the day, leaving me 22 for the rest of things, when you say it like that I feel rather daft for not managing it. I have read that having goals help, so part of the first stages of organising a week on a Monday can be to set that week's goals, not just the things I have to achieve, orders to be fulfilled and the like, but the other goals, like working through my various 'craft' boxes, throwing out unusable items (I can't think 'throw out un-needed items or un-wanted items' as you never know, and once they're gone that's usually when you suddenly need them, does anyone else do that?).

Ok so brave new start, again, but one day it might stick and I will be organised and productive with the time I have, The secret so they say to all these things is just to keep at, it you fall off the proverbial wagon, don't beat yourself up and give up, no shake yourself down, have a look at what made it happen and try again building in safeguards to help you through next time. Well all that's all well and good, I hear you say, but it is harder done that said. True, so true, but little step are all we can take and I am far too stubborn to give up, so I will get back on it and try to work out what stops it happening, ie me making 2 hours to do the things above.

Umm....  this bit is me thinking hard....and thoughts of a wire wrapped heart as a front piece to a top hat creep into my head, stop it .... concentrate ....

I do like deadlines, and often work far more productively when I have only a couple of hours till a task has to be done.  This may well be my problem, all the tasks I'm trying to do aren't vital, they could be done and it would be nice if they were out the way, but it's not crucial. Ok so how do I persuade myself to get on with a job that's not needed for this week, when I would rather be playing at a new hat design or polymer clay creation?  that's a good question.......

Umm..... me thinking hard for a bit again ...... ooh ooh thoughts of that corset and making sure that I have enough steel boning in stock. Stop it...  try to keep on track .....

Dr. J. is very good at organisation, he has a task list and he does it, and his filing!, he can lay his hands on anything as soon as he wants it, so how can I be more like that?

.... Umm, oh dear thoughts move on to my next tattoo now, it kinda ties in though. In Alice Through the looking Glass there is a poem called Haddocks' Eyes about an aged man as sitting on a gate, look it up if you don't know it, it's a lovely poem about someone whose mind is always rushing of onto the next idea and not concentrating on the here and now. Sounds like me.

There are a few versions out there but this is a quote I want in my next tattoo.

He said "I look for butterflies
    That sleep among the wheat:
I make them into mutton-pies,
    And sell them in the street

 Yes I know I'm strange. I love Alice and always wished I could have been called Alice instead of Alison, but anyway I particularly  like this text as I have a rather old faded tattoo of a butterfly and I want to work this around it.  So far I only have 1 Alice related tattoo which is on my ankle, and I would like lots more.

oh dear quite lost the train of thought on that one.
ok when Dr J. come home I'm going to quiz him and find out the secrets to being organised and set up a plan which I can share with you later in the week and at the same time let you know how I'm getting on.

One good thing that I did over the weekend though was to buy one of those chains that you attach to your glasses and then hang them round your neck, so now I haven't got to spend time searching for them each time I need to read, or sew or do just about anything close up. That should save over an hour each day when it's all added up, so that's a definite piece of progress. Well I'm going to leave you now, but as a parting photo or two, here are some of the cupcakes I made yesterday as I wanted to have a go at buttercream roses and a paper flower I made earlier in the week as I wanted to have a go at quilling, so I know I'm doing stuff, but it's just not always the right stuff.

 Ok, I'm out of here and a progress report is promised for later in the week.

Hugs and Kisses


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