Tuesday, 8 July 2014

getting on with more organised preparations

Morning All

Well we are now a week into July and my obsession with time is growing and will probably continue to do so as the date gets nearer. The date in question being mine and Dr. J.'s wedding which is now less than 4 months away. arrrrrrr.
I think it is about time that I got on with that timetable, so what's on the list of things to do?


  • 3 bridesmaid's dresses 
  • 3 bridesmaid's bouquets
  • 6 buttonholes 1 each for ushers and best man and groom. Have I mentioned that Dr. J. best man is a lady? she is wearing a suit for the day so will need one but changing into a dress for the evening bit and so might like a corsage, best check that. I also need to check how many usher we have, should I already know this kinda stuff?
  • table decorations
  • wedding favours. These are going to be so cool but I can't tell you anything about them yet incase someone coming is reading this, but they will need time and therefore need to be on the chart.
  • film, and I can't tell you about this yet either for the same reasons as above.
  • wedding cake decorations that can be made in advance.
  • wedding cake fruit, for regular readers, you may have thought I already did this bit but on checking with Delia via her books not in person, I decided to wait till it was a couple of months before hand.
  • wedding cake itself
  • decorating cake 
  • shirt and trousers for Dr J. to change into later in the night, I've ordered the most fabulous atomic print material from Etsy that is going to be custom made in cotton for me, so he will look fabulous.
  • and obviously my dress
  • my bouquet
  • and another less corseted dress to change into to party the night away.

Well I think that's it and all that's do-able, I just don't want it to slip away from me this time business. It's so easy to just stop concentrating for a short while and find you've lost another month. So now I'm sorting out a spreadsheet. Things to do, times when they need to be done and a tick box when done. I do love a good tick box.

Ok its a start, I just have to make sure I don't spend all my time planning and no real time doing.  But for now since I haven't really decided on what my dress is going to be, I better get on with looking at Pinterest and sites like that, such a hard life, sigh.

till next time.
Hugs and Kisses


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