Friday, 28 March 2014

Women in Making 2014, and don't forget sale end 31st March.

Hello all

Well I've decided, may be foolishly, to attempt my luck at 'Women in Making 2014' a competition run by Triumph, the underwear people. The reason it may be foolish is that I really should be getting on with other stuff in making and marketing, and some of the entries are so talented, and there are so many off them, but flush with the success of winning's 2014 sewing competition I thought well what the heck and the prize is kind of amazing too.  Not only do you get a £10,000 bursary, they are also give a year long mentorship with some amazing women and the winner will get stocked at Fenwick on Bond Street. Well what can you say but wow.

The shortlist will be announced in 35 days, so I am begging and pleading with people I know to go and vote for me, but I'm not sure how things work. The annoying thing is that I can't seem to find any real details on the competition, so if anyone knows anything please let me know.  Things like are the judging panel judging the whole thing, the shortlist or the final winner, and what's the voting process for?

Another problem is that you can only vote through Facebook or Twitter, not everyone has an account with either of this, my mother for instance.  She would love to be able to vote for me, but has no interest in joining social media, shouldn't she still be allowed to vote?

Well all that aside, if you don't try you can't succeed so I've got to give it a go haven't I. if youy would like to vote for me, (I'd love it if you did), here's the link: thank you.

On a different note I mentioned on Monday that I was going to be spend some time this week back on bra designs, so how about this one;

 A little custom made number finished today.

You too could have a customised made to measure bra for the perfect drape of your vintage frocks and blouses, and don't forget the bullet bra look for the Hollywood sex bomb look. Just check out my website for details on how to order.

and here's my latest fascinator, which I just love so much I really wanted to share.  There are only a few days left on the March Sale now, don't forget to use the coupon MADMARCHSALE at the checkout to save 20% before April.

Hugs and Kisses


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