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HSF 6 fairytale 1st april

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LC Snow 2Today see the next challenge for the Historical Sewing Fortnight due.  I had a few thoughts about what I would like to do for this challenge. I fell in love with both these looks that Snow White wore in Mirror Mirror, but then I had to remind myself that this challenge wasn't simply remaking an existing outfit, but should be what we thought a fairytale character would look like it if had been set in a different time.

Well lately I've been thinking a little about capes, they can be ornate or plain and have been prevalent throughout history and if I did a cape without a hood then little red riding hood would definitely need a hat to complete her look, and as my aim was to make as many of these challenges include a hat, my fairytale character was decided upon. But when to set her?

Well there are lovely capes in the 40s..


lovely capes in the 30s..

This is one of EvaDress.com pattens and so sweet.

But when I first thought of capes I thought victorian, as I had an inkling that I would like to try a riding hat to go with it and I also thought it would be useful for any steampunk events I may have a stall at, something I am looking into at the moment.

I didn't really have any idea what the pattern would be like for a riding hat so I played and ended up with two very different hats using the same pattern scaled differently, and neither of them looked anything like riding hats. So they morphed into tricorn hats.

Sewing the material on the buckram base was the same for both sizes,  and rather tough on my fingers, I still need to get one of those leather thimbles.

playing with  the brim.
On completing the larger crown I decide that it was way too big for a riding hat and so thought about those very large brimmed hats they had around the turn of the century.  So I made a really large brim, I played with this for a while before deciding on making it a tricorn hat, oversized and not attached at all 3 points, but still tricorn-ish hat.

Before turning the brim up.

The smaller hat fared no better as a riding hat, after finishing the crown part it was too small in diameter and possibly too tall in height.  It turns out it's quite a complicated matter this getting things the right scale.

But I am pleased with the final product, the little cape is lovely, although I may add a little more trimming in the future, and I'm sure little red riding hood would have had a spirit of adventure and loved a tricorn hat.

So I think I still want a riding hat, so I'm going to try less slope and height on the sides next and see what that comes up with. And if anyone is interested these items or customised versions, they will be available in my Etsy shop shortly.

And here's the details for the challenge:

The Challenge: number 6 - Fairytale - little red riding hood 
Fabric: sort of faux suede 
Pattern: my own for the hats and vogue V8622 for the cape
Year: sort of victorian
Notions: buckram, wire, feathers, beads, ribbons and bows and some lace for the applique 
How historically accurate is it? as its fairytale based I'm going with ok.
Hours to complete: over 10 messing around with the hats, 3 for the cape
First worn: not worn yet.
Total cost: cape pattern I have had for years, material £3 a meter, I used almost 2 so £6, lace was cut from a half meter I treated myself too and cost £15,00. Other bits and piece I already had in.
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