Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Poodle finished, so how about a little hat to match

Afternoon internet lovelies

so how do you think I got on with that skirt?

Fairly close to the original I'd say, could have done with bigger pompoms but at least I found some.

So what did I do?

OK I'll tell you.

In the last post you saw me cut the circle part of the skirt and explain why I needed a yoke to make the skirt long enough for my lovely petticoat from Rosy at http://www.sewingadicta.com, don't forget to check her out if you haven't already.

So the yoke, I simply cut a section from the material using a muslin I have for a basic shift dress, (made for that pink dress, but I will post up about that later). I didn't even bother with front and back I just cut the material double folded to give me both sides and adjusted the darts to fit after.
Marking up the darts from the muslin

I added a zip down the right hand side and sewed a straight (rectangular bit of material) waistband on, giving me a perfectly formed but rather short skirt, and amazingly the inner circumference of the circle was the right size to sew straight onto the yoke, no messing, so that bit of maths definitely did the trick.
The hem would have been a bit of a bother being round, so I went for the old trick of using bias tape, a rather nice red with white polka dots. Right sides together open out the lower flap of the tape and line it up with the raw edge of the skirt and straight stitch on. Remember to turn over a hem at the beginning of the tape because once on the wrong side that will be the side of the tape that shows. Once you have done this wrong you will know what I mean, and I still have to think it through each time.

This took a lot of tape, I should have worked out the circumference at an early stage as my guess work meant I had to pop back to the shop for more.
Once sewn on iron the seam, this is a must for all seams in sewing, it fixes the stitches or something like that.Then flip the skirt over and iron the bias tape up over the raw edges, encasing them, and as it is bias tape it will follow the curve automatically, so handy.

Then just sew it down.

Lastly I pinned the trimming in place and sewed on with a zig-zag stitch.

I still need to get a tripod balancing the phone on the stair rail just won't cut it.

oh yes and the hat, well not finished but here's a little preview...

Well till next time, all the best
ally x

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  1. Awesome skirt!!! It's so fabulously fun! I don't know why we don't wear cute little pompoms like this more often nowadays (either on vintage style/repro or modern clothes). I say we start a movement to bring them back, spearheaded by your delightfully lovely skirt! :)

    Big hugs & huge thanks for your wonderful comment on today's post,
    ♥ Jessica