Wednesday, 16 October 2013

fun at the V&A

Hi all

well  yesterday was a lovely day all round, the weather was marvelous after a day of heavy rain on Monday and also today, I feel extremely lucky to have had sunshine for our trip.

Whilst Dr. J. did his work bit I had loads of time for a very leisurely stroll around the V&A museum and I was not disappointed. I just wish I could have got closer to some of the exhibits.  I got some lovely photos and some bad ones, where I just couldn't get the shine off the glass surrounding the exhibit from the flash, and picked up a lovely little book; the A to Z of fashion by Dior, which I almost finished reading on the train journey home.

Did you know that an overly large armhole can make you look larger if you are that way inclined, well Mr Dior did, and now so do I, something that got me pondering quite a lot about how I extend patterns to fit around my bust. Usually by adding to the underarm seam which then gives you an extra large armhole, but doesn't alter the shoulders, which in my case are proportionally smaller than my bust.  I hope that is explained by the photo. It always did the job, but I was never fully satisfied with the finish. But then...

 ...coincidentally I came across an old post from MrsDepew the other day which I thought was marvelous and this is the way I shall do my increasing from now on.

Find the full blog post here:

This is the way I will be doing enlargements around the bust from now on, my armholes are going to be staying the size they were intended to be, which will help in the sleeve area too as I always have to increase that too to fit in the new size hole.

But none of that has anything to with the trip to London, so here's a few of highlight pictures.

Well I think that's enough for now, Camden will wait till Friday.
thanks for reading and don't forget I love to get your comments.

warmest regards
ally x

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  1. Do you know, I don't think there's any museum in the world I'd like to see more than the V&A. They're emphasis on, and appreciation for, vintage/historical clothing is fantastic and has really made me yearn to visit there one day myself, too. It's not very likely in the near future, so for now I'll just happily do so vicariously through blog posts like this lovely one.

    ♥ Jessica