Tuesday, 14 March 2017

The Creative Doll Artists Project

Good morning Internet Lovelies
No automatic alt text available.Today I thought I’d introduce you to another awesome group I am part of.  This one is on Facebook and is called the Creative Doll Artists Project, the work of a wonderful doll maker called Lacey Michelle Hayes who creates these gorgeous little critters http://www.Instagram.com/OddlySweetDolls. She is so talented you really need to look her up.

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Anyway the group has brought together a brilliant bunch of makers of all types and abilities and we all help and support each other, if you make dolls and haven’t joined I highly recommend that you get over there now.
The brilliant thing about Lacey and her group is that all are welcome and no one is made to feel inadequate as happens fairly often in other groups.

A number of the art doll groups on Facebook don’t see cloth dolls as art at all and although perception is slowly changing some don’t even allow cloth dolls in. Personally, I don’t see a sculpted doll that has no moving parts a doll at all but actually a statue, but that is a whole different point and can make a blog post in its self.

Lacey keeps up encouragement and inspiration by arranging monthly activities. In February we had an Instagram post a day challenge #tcdapFeb. I am afraid I didn’t keep up with every day’s post but did quite a few and enjoyed see everyone else’s photos on Instagram. Search for the hashtag on Instagram to see what was going on.
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This month, March, is a doll challenge. After holding a vote on the Facebook group, of which Circus won hands down, we are all challenged to make a circus themed doll and post work-in-progress photos on Instagram and the finished dolls’ photos will be made into a slideshow. All very exciting and you can keep up to date with it all by following on Instagram the hasttag #tcdapMarch for everyone or just my bits on www.instagram.com/honey_pot_creations.

Here is the start of my doll. I'm working from bottom up and have tried a new technique of wrapping the cloth foot in paper clay and sculpting directly onto the leg.

Well that's all for now, till next time

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