Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Historical Sew Fortnightly/Monthly 2015 challenge 1

Well Hello Folks

Remember last year I was attempting to do the Historical Fortnightly Challenge and had to stop before the end as the preparations for my wedding had to take priority. (Check out the label 'historical sew fortnightly' for posts showing the challenges I completed.)  Well this year it's back but has morphed slightly and I have to say I'm quite pleased actually. We are now doing a monthly challenge as laid out by the wonderful Dreamstress in her blog here

The Challenges:

  • January – Foundations
  • February – Colour Challenge Blue
  • March – Stashbusting
  • April – War & Peace
  • May – Practicality
  • June – Out of Your Comfort Zone
  • July – Accessorize
  • August – Heirlooms & Heritage
  • September – Colour Challenge Brown
  • October – Sewing Secrets
  • November – Silver Screen
  • December – Re-Do
Obviously there are more details on her blog, so just the titles from me, but all the details on how to get involved should you wish to and lots of inspiration.

This month as you can see is foundations and I've done a lobster tail bustle following the pattern laid out by The American Duchess, Another great blogger, if you don't read her blog go check it out.

The Challenge: Foundations
Fabric: Black cotton,
Pattern: Lobster tail bustle from the American Duchess
Year: 1870/1880s
Notions: black cotton tape and thread, plastic boning, although not sure if it's strong enough so may revisit this.
How historically accurate is it? apart of the boning ok I think so 7/10
Hours to complete: not long 3 hour approximately 
First worn: not yet need to make an appropriate skirt first
Total cost: £7.00
Apologies for the photos my dress making dummy is a little on the skinny side.
Well there you go then 1st challenge completed, now on to blue, which is my favourite colour so that shouldn't be to hard to manage. 
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Hugs and Kisses


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