Tuesday, 6 January 2015

well that was 2014....

Hello Internet Lovelies

My apologies to start for my radio silence, but hey you know how it is, life takes over and I must admit to a bit of self questioning...

~is this worth doing?

You see I get no money from it,
I very rarely get any feedback from it, ie comments
it takes up time
and I have been pressurizing myself into doing 2 post a week, Why??

Well I do enjoy it once I've sat down and the fingers start moving, before this stage though, I don't. I build pressure that I don't need, worrying what can I write about? what makes me think anyone is interested? etc etc. Once I'm writing I don't really worry about you reading it, I just enjoy getting my thoughts out there.

I also thought that the blog would help get my products out there, you know Honey Pot Creations, but to be honest most orders don't come in this way and there are more productive and quicker to use internet ways, Instagram for instance.

But I still enjoy it, so I think I will continue but only when I have something to say or show you not as a regular twice a week pressure. And also when I turned Google+ on today it came upon with this lovely film of some of my photos from 2014's blog posts, which reminded me of all the lovely things I've done this year and without blogging about them they may have just been forgot. Reading though my old blog post will be a great way to remember stuff. (This will hopefully eliminate all those boring posts too when I am have nothing new or fun to share.)

So for more regular updates follow me on Instagram or Flicker, the links are at the top of the page. And I will always add a link on there to say when a new blog post is up.

But for now be aware that things are changing in the Honey Pot, to be truthful, hats haven't taken off the way I hoped, I will still be doing commissions and one offs, but other than that they aren't filling me full of joy the way making these little beauties is, and there seems to be a much bigger market for art dolls and needle felting, so stay tuned and lets see what develops in 2015......
Hugs and Kisses


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  1. Hang in there! When things aren't going well, it's easy to get discouraged, and sometimes the answer is to move on, or at least evolve into the next stage. Creativity like life is a journey of learning.