Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Bits I'm working on

Well morning all,
Can't believe it's Wednesday already and I haven't posted a blog up this week. To tell the truth I haven't felt to inspired to write at the moment, not sure why really,but that's the way it goes sometime. so I thought I'd post up a few photos of what's happening in the honey pot for you to see instead.

If you follow me on Instgram then you will have seen this young lady in a early stage of development last week. Since then she has changed somewhat and my idea of her completed look has changed too. 
Originally I had planned that she would wear some period underwear, mainly cause I had a fancy to make a Elizabethan ruff and I even got as far as making up a hoop underskirt for her.  She is called Gisela and she told me that she would much rather have a sleep-over than go prancing about in her underwear. So who am I to force the poor girl, Her slip looked much more like a little nightie anyway. She also informed me that she wanted a teddy to take to the sleep-over. So out came the felting needles. I do have to say I like making teddies this way it's great fun although can be very painful when you miss the wool and sponge and get your finger tip instead. (Only 3 such accidents with this teddy so that was quite good for me.)
Here she is sitting on the sewing machine watching me make teddy.
And she was so pleased with the end result that she agree to do a little photo shot in the kitchen and then settled down with the dog to watch me write this blog. the dog is tell me off in this shot as I go to make another cup of tea. 

On a more serious note, I also have the opportunity to make a fabulous black velvet bustle outfit, that I really looking forward to and I'll tell you more about that as it happens. And I just need to do button and buttonholes and hem a pair of gents 40's trousers, that I was hoping to put into the historical sew fortnightly challenge, but I missed the deadline. Still need to be finished though so I can get them shipped out.

So that's how my week is shaping up, hope yours is good too. Till next time.
Hugs and Kisses


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