Friday, 6 June 2014

Flashback to food Friday, I'm having a cake day.

Hi all you internet lovelies

Just because my mind is on wedding cakes and whether to have cupcakes as part of our wedding cake or not, I'm trying out a number of different recipes today.  Lots of tasting to do in the honey pot, yum yum.

Dr J. and myself, both, want to have cake to cut as part of the day, but also fancy the idea of cupcakes and everyone loves a cupcake. So we are thinking of having a smaller cake to cut and slice up for the evening buffet and have cup cakes to serve with the main wedding breakfast (can you remember why it was called breakfast? The bride and groom were expected to fast till after the ceremony, can't see me doing that!)

And my darling daughter, who bakes a mean cupcake has volunteered to make them.  We also plan to have the top tier of the main cake left over so we can take it on honeymoon with us and enjoy a slice or two while we are away.

I use to cook and decorate a lot of cakes, but I was no good at charging accurately as it was mainly for friends and I often end up paying more for the ingredients than I charged, but I enjoyed it immensely and thought I would share with you some photos of cakes; some from mine and other children's birthdays, but also some wedding cakes I've made.

Wasn't he a sweet little chap back then.

Sorry about the quality they are all photos of a photo.

 The one thing, no strike that, one of the things that concerns me with making my own wedding cake is the time.  A sponge cake can't be make too far ahead or it will be stale. And also often when making a tiered cake you need to do the final decorations when you get to the wedding venue, which is usually on the morning of the wedding, how am I going to manage that? No there will need to be careful thought going into the cake and making it so that it can be transported by someone else and possibly assembled, with through instruction, by them too.  And will I have time to make what I want in that last week so the sponge is not stale? That does worry me. Well I will just have to do my best and get everything that can be done earlier done earlier.

But for now the oven just went ping and a batch of gingerbread cupcakes are ready. They smell divine, I love gingerbread, so I'm hoping this one passes.

Hugs and Kisses


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