Monday, 2 June 2014

A little admission, or not historical sew fortnightly challenge 10

Well folks here we are at another Monday, can you believe it.

I wanted to have something wonderful to show you for the 10th historical sew fortnightly challenge - Art, but alas I have nothing. I just couldn't settle on anything early enough, I really couldn't find anything that filled me with creative ju-ju.  Yes there are hundreds and hundreds of lovely piece of art out there and that may have been part of the problem. At first I swayed toward a ballerina and thought I would love a pretty dress to swirl about in (and still would), but I've no real need at the moment and not enough time to do the embroidery I wanted on it.

boue soeurs robe de style dress ribbon flowers

Have you ever seen anything so pretty as the embroidery on this skirt? I so want to sew something like this soon.

Also I thought about a shawl like this one, but time and need were against this too.

Then I finally made a decision, as I still have desires on the Mirror, Mirror outfit.
A swiss waist
A Swiss Girl from Interlaken  Franz Xaver Winterhalter
(I must apologise here, I cut and paste this painting, lost the link to it and now I can't find where I got it from or who it's by, so sorry but if anyone knows please let me know and I can amend this.)

A swiss waist like this would work very well with the blouse from Mirror Mirror I think and I love the look of the embroidered flowers down the bottom edge.

So briefly what's the difference between a corset and a swiss waist? The Dreamstress  (Leimomi who is also the brilliant lady organising the HSF) has a great blog going into the full details here but essentially I think it is; a corset is worn under clothes and has boning channels that show and metal work and a swiss waist is worn over the dress and can be highly decorated, has hand worked eyelets not metal showing and no busk (that's the hook and eye thing down the front).

Well time was against this too, so this is as far as I have got..

I did have a number of ribbon roses to go next to the embroidered stems too, but they went on to bracelets for the stall last Friday and went down rather well too.

Not good progress eh. Well basically it will have to wait now. Yesterday arrived with the realisation it is now 5 months to the wedding and also 3 weeks till I have a stall at the Steampunk Doncaster Tiffin in the Park for which I have some great ideas for phone case holders and belt accessories as well as the usual hats, so all that said I'm thinking that challenge number 10 will just have to go on hold as might some of the others too.
Priorities have to be sorted, it's just the way it is. If you have been following the challenges please forgive and bear with me I hope to fill this blog up with lots of other exciting things too.
How cool does this material look for some steampunk hats, I can't wait to get going on them, so I best be away to get something done.  I've also promised myself that the bridesmaids' dresses muslins will be done and fitted this month, 

Hugs and Kisses



  1. If I right click on the image, one of the options I get is to search for the image with google (not sure if you have to be using google chrome for that, or have google set as your main search engine, but try it and see what you get) so the image you lost the link to is

    Also don't worry about not managing a challenge, it's just for fun :)

    1. Hi Knotrune, and thank you that is a really useful bit internet knowledge, I shall definately be using that all the time now. Ally xx