Thursday, 1 May 2014

Historical Sew Fortnightly: challenge 8 UFOs

Good Morning internet lovelies 

Well today is 1st May which means happy Beltane  to those who celebrate it. And just happy blessing to everyone else to.

1st May is also the end of the GIVEAWAY. I will be making a list of all those that entered and checking it twice and then use a random number generator to pick a name which will be announced on tomorrow, 2nd May both on here and on my facebook page.

And another momentous thing that is happening today is the latest Vintage Life comes out and I've an advert in it, can you believe that, that's real business. I guess I not just playing at this anymore, it's getting serious.  I'll keep you informed on how it does.

But firstly today, challenge 8: UFOs  Un-Finished Object.  Well I had decided to use this challenge to finish the victorian ballgown bodice, but my heart just hasn't been in it, I don't have an occasion for this at the moment and I'm not happy with the material I was going to use a trim, so I just kept putting it off and today's deadline was getting closer and closer. At the weekend I decided to just bite the bullet and got out the material and started to spread things out to cut out the lining.

Well realising I hadn't got my pins so I went to get them and just thought I'd have another look through the stash to see if there was anything else usable for the trim when I came upon this..

Well it might not look much to the untrained eye, but once this pile had filled me with such excitement and looking at it I tried to remember why I had stopped sewing it, why it had been relegated further and further down the material pile and even what I was making out of it.  Further investigation revealed 

 a top half and parts of a four panel skirt with plenty of swish in it, from this pattern, with different sleeves and more volume to the skirt.

And then I remembered the neck line wasn't right and I didn't have time to correct it before the dance that I had intended to wear it at. Somehow it was just too high with this contrasting trim, so I got out the iron and unpicker and all thoughts of making the bodice disappeared from my mind and my sewing mojo was back.

I added a thinner strip of bias binding using the ties still, but this wasn't right either it was just too heavy for the light satin material.

A bit of thought later and I came up with these lovely little buttons instead, and the dress was done.  

And I really like it lots, can't wait for the next dance to wear it too.

So here are the details:
Fabric:           A glorious blue flowery, lightweight satin.
Pattern:       Simplicity 1585, with my own drafted sleeves.
Year:           1930s
Notions: thread only
How historically accurate is it? pattern is modern, but I was styling it on a 1930s tea dance look which I think I got, so I'd give it 7 out of 10, and the techniques where authentic, oversewing seams etc.
Hours to complete: about 3 this time round
First worn:    wearing it now to type this, but first out of the house will probably be Saturday.
Total cost: I think the material was £2.00 a meter and I had 3 meters so £6.00 not bad eh.

Well 15 more days and then its #9: Black and White wonder what I'll do for that. Till later..
Hugs and Kisses


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