Monday, 28 April 2014

Good morning internet lovelies

I do hope everyone is well and all that stuff.  Dr J. is still a little sore from the digging all last week, so I think he may be almost glad to get back to work today.  Sadly for him next weekend is a bank holiday one, so he might well be back at it then though.

With this month almost at an end I suddenly realised that it is only 6 months until the wedding.

Well that stopped me in my tracks, 6 months.

I've 3 bridesmaids' dresses, 4 bouquets, a cake large enough to feed everyone, favours and table decorations and not forgetting my own dress and other bits and pieces to make.  Best start putting together a timetable and list.  I have to say I do enjoy a good list, and project planning. There something very satisfying about ticking things off a list.

First thoughts out of all that though was cake. Best get that fruit layer made very soon if it is going to sit and mature, is that what you call it?  Which means best decide what size and get a feel for how I want it decorated (oops I mean we want it decorated...), so I spent sometime on the wonderful internet looking at cakes and there's so many lovely ideas out there.



Not quite me..
Ghostbusters Wedding Cake
quite amazing..

Van Gogh Wedding Cake
wouldn't fancy eating it..

Alien Wedding Cake

and some just downright creepy...

and I don't want this to  happen, can you imagine how this bride must have felt.
Well I'm not sure I'm any closer to knowing what I want (oops there I go again we..) but at least we know some of the things that we don't want and I am just going to make a large fruit cake so it would be big enough to cut down if needed when we do decide.

Hugs and Kisses


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