Monday, 17 March 2014

Happy St Patrick's Day

Happy St Patrick's Day everyone

Don't you just love these two little girls, twins in my hats. After they had watched the parade through Birmingham they wandered around the market and tried on hats. Sadly I had to miss the parade (setting up the stall) but they told me was bigger and better than last year's and they had loved it. (But loved the candyfloss better).  St Patricks day in Birmingham is a really big affair with huge crowds and the Emerald Village where I had a stall was just next to all the fun, so although I missed the parade, lots of lovely people came a told me all about it. And the sun shone, it was such a nice day.

Dr. J. had had a brainwave, (he is rather smart you know) and thinking about how much people love taking pictures of themselves, he suggested encouraging 'selfies in hats' as a marketing ploy.  I pulled apart an old mirror we had knocking about the house and people played, and it was people, strangely quite a number of men wanted to try on a hat too and why not! Even Dr J wore a hat, although equally strangly that photo seems to have vanished off my phone...

So hopefully last night FaceBook and instagram would have been awash with 'selfies in hats'.

Of course I had to take a couple of myself  too, it's only fair.

So that's bright green out of the way now for another year, unless there a green custom made item just waiting out there, anyone want a poison ivy outfit?

Back to the normal colours now, bright pink, bright blue, oh wait, no there is no normal colours really, just on with the sewing.

Oh and if you get a little moment pop over to the's blog where the voting is taking place, last day today (17th March). You have to click on my entry and then clock on the stars to vote.  It would be lovely if you voted for me. The dress I made is in the last blog post if you are new.

Well I'm off now to finish a hat and bag set for a lovely lady in Ohio, my first customer out there.
Hugs and Kisses

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