Monday, 30 September 2013

Fall for cotton - and we're finished

Morning folks,

well would you believe it the end of September is here, I know everyone says the same, but I really can't believe how fast this month has gone by.  I've had a lovely month and I hope all you have too, although I had a bit of a cold for some of it, you know the sort that just hard to shift, but it didn't stop me getting on with stuff and doing most of what I wanted to do.

When you stop and look back and think what have I done this month it's hard to remember everything. Sometimes I find it hard to remember what I had for tea yesterday.  I do know what I had yesterday at the moment, it was fish and chips, we don't often have this but it was a treat, as myself and the Dr were out at a tea dance all afternoon and had no time to cook.  It was a delightful tea dance, and the weather was so good that we cycled over to it. Numerous people we chatted to, who we hadn't seen for awhile, asked, as you do, 'so what have you been up to?' and I found it quite hard to remember much.  I know we haven't danced as much as we would have liked and the DIY hasn't progressed as much as it could have, but we haven't been lazy or killing ourselves overdoing it either. Last winter and spring we work at it so hard that we were both exhausted come summer, so we have now taken a policy of pottering pace, the house is more than liveable and the rest will be done eventually.

Well with the end of September comes the end of the fall for cotton challenge and so I present to you my finished blouse. First though a couple of thoughts and notes about the progress.

 I miss measured on the bust area and had to add a small extension under the arms, with the pattern as it was this wasn't too bad and really isn't noticeable in the finished garment.
I covered the seam down the front facing with bias binding to as I just really loved the flowery bias tape, and obviously ran it around the hem. As the hem was a curve I decided very early on to hem with tape rather than try to do it normally, but I have to say that this material was just a dream. I sewed the tape on then ironed it up expecting to have to work in the excess material somewhat, but it just seem to fit straight off, one of the easiest hems I have ever done.

I made shoulder pads out of wadding cutting two different sized semi circles and covered them with the cream material, so that they wont show at all.

Choosing buttons, I wanted something different as the blouse was quite plain I thought the buttons should be a little special. 
 And I added 4 down the front rather than the three on the pattern, less likelihood of gapping round the boob around.

Well here it is and I couldn't be bothered with my hair so I popped a hat on for the photos.

Well I hope you like it, and as a side issue the blouse falls as it should due to correct underpinning, yes I finished the circle and spoke bra and even wore it out to the dance yesterday, where it withstood all the dancing and cycling and was very comfy.  I'll write more about that on Wednesday though, but don't you love the colour.

take care honeys
love ally x


  1. Everything about this wonderful ensemble exudes timelessly sophistication and show-stopping beauty. I adore the colour palette, curve flattering lines, hem lengths - truly every element. Marvelous job and styling, dear lady.

    ♥ Jessica

  2. What can I say but thank you after that wonderful comment. Jessica, you are really too kind, ally x x