Monday, 16 September 2013

busy, but fun x - extra, extra now have those photos

A couple of additional photos added later on, as I didn't have them when I wrote the post.....

feather fascinator whilst on head

and the lovely Kate Horsley sadly not during her Rude Food performance, but nonetheless looking spectacular :

Good Morning folks,

how have you all been, I'm afraid I have been out of internet land for a long weekend, so if anyone was waiting for 'Food on Friday', please accept my dearest apologies, but on Friday I was doing something much more important. I was attending a wedding, and it was lovely.

Right up to the day we had no idea which way the weather was going to go, and in the end it was pretty torrential rain, late afternoon on wards, but the sun did shine during the photos which were in a lovely park in Malvern outside the registrar office, much nicer than the one in Birmingham, all things to be considered for the big day next year.

Well with not being sure what to wear due the weather and just rather busy with other stuff, I almost forgot my own mantra, "we should all wear more hats", and set off without one. I'm very glad I did realise though as lots of the ladies were wearing hats and I would have been miffed if I hadn't had something, so I quickly threw on a fascinator since the rest of my hair was already done. Sorry no photo of me actually wearing it yet., that's on Dr J. phone.

Saturday was Rude Food, in which Moselele, the ukulele group I am part of, where performing 3 sets of some very risque material, containing lyrics along the lines of 'my girls pussy' and 'salted chocolate balls'. The event was great, real fun and I have to say some of the food was delicious, and in a complete contrast to the evening before it was lovely weather where we were, a huge black cloud behind us but the sun shone on us.

I think a special mention should be made to Kate Horsley, details below, who made Mills and Boon so much more entertaining than you could imagine, and looked exquisite to in a very fetching corset and hat, what's not to love. I just wish I had a photo to show you.

Katrice Horsley is the National Storytelling Laureate.

All in all we had a ball and even Dr J. joined in for this one picking up a ukulele instead of this usual guitar. I have to say though I will be quite glad to get my evenings back for a little gentle knitting in front of the box instead of so much practice, my fingertips still feel a little numb, maybe that means I don't practice enough.

Sunday was the usual rounds of housework, catching up with the washing and visiting various old folks, so that day disappeared, and I'm only just back on the computer now.  Head is a buzz with wedding thoughts and at the moment ring cushions, beautifully embroidered ring cushions, but I let you know more about that later.  I really feel I must get a grip on my time and projects. At the moment I only have morning really to get one with Honey Pot work, so I must, really must get on with 1 project at a time and start completing something, or at least I'll try, wish me luck.  And on that note I am off to do something,

have fun everyone
warmest thought, ally x

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