Friday, 19 July 2013

a little brown hat part 2

Good afternoon folks, 

just putting this up quick, whilst having a spot of lunch, multitasking at it best, beans on toast.  If you are reading my tatting blog too (link at top of page I hope if I have done it right) you will see we are off camping tomorrow so today is suppose to be prep day and to be honest I am stalling as the next job is cleaning the car out and it's the midday sun out there. 

So instead (just for a short while) how's the hat doing, well I have finished it now, although I thinking of changing the buttons, maybe a little cream tatting for something a little different.

The next stage was steaming the felt to shrink it down and remove the gather wrinkles.  Then I continued on with the instructions as given in the pattern. Steaming the felt to the right size gives a much more streamlined hat. I also gave the inside a blast to help the folded over area become a little smaller and lie flatter.  Before doing this always remember to have enough leeway and not make it too small to fit on your head, I’ve done that too before now.  And also remember when attaching your hat band to fold the edge closest to the hat outwards, as this will be the finished edge once you have turned it under, the other side doesn't matter as it will be covered up in the end.

Then hand sew the hat band down and add buttons and you're done.

Well here is my finished hat, hope you like it. Now to start work on the bag, well after the holidays, beside which it really is not the weather for a felt hat. ..

Speak soon

Ally x

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