Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Scotland and Mediating Angels

Good morning internet lovelies

Hope you all had a fantastic Easter break, and didn’t eat too much chocolate. I’m more of a Haribo fan myself, yummy.

But on with the blog. As you will know if you read my last blog, myself and the good Dr. J. were off to bonny Scotland for our Easter break, and we had such a wonderful time there. 

 Trying to take a photo of the dog was tricky, she runs ever so fast.

The weather was surprisingly good for us, considering the forecast before we set of was for rain the whole week. We had rain, yes, but we also had sun and warmth. There was only one morning of heavy consistent rain, but as it happened that was the day we had pre-decided we would stay in one place and we used it to recharge our batteries so to speak and stayed in and read and I worked on my newsletter plans. (I’m afraid the only bit of business related organisation I did, so much for big plans to come back organised. haha). The rest of the rain was dramatic and heavy but over in 5 minutes, like somebody was turning on and off a switch.

As for Scotland it was beautiful, dramatic and wonderful. I hope some of these pictures do it justice. We pottered around, Loch Lomond, on to see the Highlands a little, Ben Nevis from a distance, towards the coast at Glenuig, and back via Inverarey. I attempted to keep up to date with my sketch book but to be honest we walked so much there wasn’t time. (The dog loved it.)

I had hoped to find somewhere dramatic to do a photo-shoot with my angel for the Makers Medley April Challenge, but I was spoilt for choice, everywhere was gorgeous and dramatic. 

In the end, I decided on the hills above Glenuig, a woody mysterious area, covered in moss of every description, dripping from trees and covering everything on the floor, to such a depth your hand could almost disappear inside. 

We found some remains of old tumbled down stone cottages up there too, which made a perfect backdrop. The whole place was fairy-like and ethereal, just perfect for a meditating angel.

So, in conclusion, I love Scotland and hope to go back soon and see more.

And if you should get the chance I’d advise the same.

Don’t forget to follow The Makers Medley for more photos and details from the other artists on their angels and all the dolls from the challenges, there’s some serious talent. Next is Spring Time/Forest, exciting…

Until next week.
Hugs and Kisses


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