Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Now and Then

Good Morning All

bit of a Now and Then moment for todays post. This post was from mid August last year (2013) when I had just taken my redundancy from 9 to 5 and was starting up on  my own and I thought I'd contrast that we a photo of the same space now. It's only a short post so just scroll down.

Morning folks
Just thought I'd show you my "office" now, a much nicer start to the day, don't you think. Note the cuppa very necessary part of the arrangement.

Oh by the way this is betty, she has endured a lot with me and remains firm and faithful, never moans about the pins sticking in, me dying her green by mistake (hat turned out a lovely colour though), the attempts at melting her when I get a bit carried away with the steaming. We've been through a lot together and I could not make hats without her, although I do dream of one day owning a wooden block, then I could steam to my heart’s content and she could safely watch from the shelf.

Well speak soon.
Ally x

I couldn't quite get my head around the difference, I know there's more happening now with lots of projects on the go, but when did I let it get so messy. I need more space. Well I'm off to tidy up (I wish) but I will move some stuff around.

Later Folks 

Ally x

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