Thursday, 10 April 2014

Dr J's Birthday

Well morning all internet lovelies.

The sun is shining down on the honey pot today and spring is definitely in the air.  This time of year always fills me with joy, I love the cherry blossom that is all around here.  Some like minded person long ago in council planning decided to line many of the roads here in Kings Heath with cherry trees and at this time of year it is always a pleasure to walk around them.  Another lovely thing that happened this week was Dr J's birthday, we are more or less the same age, but for a few months each year he becomes 1 year older than me and I rather like that. Soon catch up though!

And talk about senior moments, as we got up yesterday morning we had trouble working out how old we were, and even how long we had been going out (could blame it on being sleepy). Eventually we agreed on both but I have to say I was still unsure.

Anyway I thought I would just share with you the jacket I made for his birthday present.  It followed a discussion with a friend about gaberdine and 50s style jackets. Now I had no real idea what gabardine was, just knew it was very popular in the 50s and rather expensive now to get originals, and Dr J. being a rockabilly at heart I thought it was about time he had one.

Looking on the internet provided me with the knowledge that gabardine is

"woven as a warp-faced steep or regular twill, with a prominent diagonal rib on the face and smooth surface on the back. Gabardine always has many more warp than weft yarns"


"The original fabric was waterproofed before weaving and was worsted or worsted/cotton, tightly woven and water-repellant but more comfortable than rubberized fabrics.The fabric takes its name from the word "gaberdine", originally a long, loose cloak or gown worn in the Middle Ages, but later signifying a rain cloak or protective smock-frock."

Thanks Wikipedia.

Also it can be made from different materials, usually wool, but can be blends and polyester.  So with this information in mind I set off to the fabric shop and found that they do stock gabardine.  I chose a dark blue and a lovely mushroom for contrast and went home to try and workout how to make them into an elasticated bottom jacket.  Not so hard really, once I got the hang of encasing the elastic and stretching well while stitching. And here it is:

What do you think? I'm thinking it looks pretty darn authentic. I just wish the photos did it a little more justice. Dr J. loved it and that's the main thing. This is the only year I got to get him a card with fiance on it, last year was boyfriend and next year will be husband. Now that's a scary thought.

And I tried a new recipe for the cake, with yogurt in it and I have to say it was quite tasty, but rather rich, I could only manage 1 slice!

Well that about wraps up today post, stay tuned for the announcement of a grand giveaway on Monday.
Hugs and Kisses


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