Monday, 3 March 2014

77 posts, 6 months, 5000 views and now my own website.

77 posts since I started blogging, 6 months since I took redundancy and I have passed the 5000 views mark, and it almost went by unnoticed.

In fact the views have gone up another 115 since the 5000 point last week. I can only say wow! Thank you all who have started to read me and have kept coming back.

Well why did this point get reached without a fanfair? Well I was a bit busy last week with the preparation for the Alternative and Burlesque fair on Saturday. And what a learning curve that was on so many levels. I had gone a bit overboard with stock for a start, that is not a problem though as there will be lots more fairs in the future, but there is only so much you can fit on a 6ft stall.

I wanted it to look classy and not over crowded so there were several boxes of hats still under the stall waiting for a little space to become available.

There were so many lovely comments from everybody who came past. Everybody it seemed love my little quiry top hats, it quite went to my head. One of the main things I learnt thought was to really think about lighting, don't expect the place to be lit.
And the clientele were quite an eye-opener too, after we saw the second couple go past with the lady leading her gentleman on a lead and him carrying all the bags, I took a sideways glance over to Dr. J. who shook his head most vehemently, he must have guessed what I was thinking.

So my first fair under my belt, this week there will be very little sewing in the honey pot, and a lot of computer work instead. The website provider I used, it turns out, is not the best but with a lot of perseverance and patience by the end of this week I hope to have something really usable, so it is a bit of a delayed launch today, but that's ok as I know that all you lovely readers will forgive me and I am now turning all my energy towards sorting it.  I managed to delete a whole section last night, not really sure how, so I wont be pressing publish this morning as I had hoped but later on today.

So signing off from here for today, but not from the internet, and if you fancy you can keep an eye on the website and see what little tweaks I make from day to day over the week.

Wish me luck and patience today, I may be pulling my hair out by the end of it, but will be all worth while.
Hugs and Kisses

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