Thursday, 6 February 2014

Marketing Update - the month long countdown has begun...

Good morning Lovelies
Today I just thought I'd share with you how marketing is going.  I now have a domain name...... dun, dun, derrr, or some other such drum roll.

This is very exciting and, although I haven't launched it yet as that will come in March with some other lovely news, you can pop along and have a look. Mainly it just says under construction and if you want any information please email, but it is a start and oh my goodness less than a month till the official launch, I've such a lot to do. Oh and I guess I better tell you where to find it....

that's where.  I still think I will keep the Etsy shop as I think it would be easier to link purchasers back to that than to try and set up a 'cart' and 'checkout' and all that sort of stuff. So should any lovely person decide that they would like to purchase an item it will link to that item in Etsy. I may change this when I learn more about web design and the like, but for now I've enough going on.  Any helpful advice from anyone in a similar position would be very, very gratefully received. 

what else? erm.. oh yes I have flyers .... two styles, same front different flipside depending on the event, and so everywhere I go now I am leaving a little piece of me behind.

I have to say I was very pleased with the way they turned out.

Anything else? erm... oh yes label tags, these aren't quite so successful, I mean they're lovely and all, but a little bigger than I imagined so don't fit on the little topper hats and smaller items, but still mighty useful.

Well that must be it? erm... no, one last thing, a stamp, I was ridiculously excited when this little item arrived.

How cool is that purchased from a lovely seller on Etsy, 'mycustomstamps' and made up exactly as I wanted, and a very reasonable price I thought.

So am I ready? erm... no.
Panic, panic, no stop, really it's not that bad, I'm fairly well prepared. It is all very exciting actually and I have a 6ft stall to prepare for for an alternative and burlesque fair, I'll tell you more about it soon and possibly a very exciting Pinterest development to tell you about next week.

so for now I best get on with stuff.
take care everyone
hugs and kisses

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