Monday, 24 February 2014

1 week to go.

Honey Pot Panics
Well afternoon folk.
Not a morning post today, running a little late, but there were other priorities today, and I've got to keep this short. 

It's one week today that I aim to officially launch Honey Pot Creations Website. 
What ???
 Am I mad???
 Well I will just get done what can be done and there will still be some areas of website that say 'under construction' or the like, but that's ok, it will always be an on-going project.

I am seriously thinking I should offer readers a discount code for the first month or so, be nice wouldn't it? There are also thoughts whizzing about up there about a Facebook giveaway to get my page likes up, but I think I best put that back a month or so and not try to do so much.

Well, I wasn't blogging this morning as I had set myself the task of bling up some of the net I will be using on some of my mini top hats ready for this:

I must really be mad having both the launch and this on the same weekend. But I am really looking forward to it.

Little black gems stuck on the net, fine with the first but a little bit boring towards the end.

Piled up to dry on a box of almost finished toppers.

And doesn't Betty look splendid. They are really worth the effort it has to be said.

Well I guess I best get back to it. 

Hugs and Kisses