Thursday, 9 January 2014

The Historical Sew Fortnightly 2014

Good Morning All,

I do hope everyone is well and keeping warm and dry, as I look out the window now it is sunny, but within five minutes it could be hailing down again, so I hope we are all protected from the elements.

Today I want to tell you about the Historical Sew Fortnightly 2014, there is a wonderfully talented lady called Leimomi Oakes who runs a website/blog called the Dreamstress. ( and she is running this sew along.  She also ran one last year, and I tried to participate but just didn't seem to get motivated and round to it, and I only found out about it half way through, no excuse there though, you can start at any point.

Anyway no point looking back.  Wonderful as she is she has decided to do it again this year, so I am in and committed big time.

The basic gist is that there will be a challenge each fortnight to sew/make/crochet/tat anything that fits really within the title and your own needs, something historical. The only bit I will struggle with is the fact that it can not be any later than 1945, for the purpose of 'historical' within the challenge, and a lot of the clothes I wear are more 50s based. I wont be deterred by this though as the 30s hold some wonderful tea dress, there are a whole host of hats pre 1945, I could happily make and I love victoriana I just get less chance to wear it.
The only question is whether to do the full challenge or half marathon as Leimomi calls it.  Click on the button on the side to get the full details and do visit her site too, if you haven't before it is so full of interesting things, but briefly the challenges set so far are:

And apart from Innovation I feel I have something for each one, it may well prove that time is against me but I am going to give it a good shot, and actively use this to improve my wardrobe.

Make do and Mend is very useful really as I have an old coat that I made several years ago that just doesn't fit, the shoulders have always been too big.  Back to that old chestnut again, when I made it though I was less experienced with altering patterns and the like, so the top half was just made to the pattern, I added more gores for the skirt though as I do love a lot of swishing.  So I aim to take the shoulders in, and also tart it up a bit with a bit of victorian styling, it may not be very historically accurate but I can at least get some research done so it won't be complete wrong, get a coat that is more wearable, and complete challenge 1.

Brass buttons may be?
Something like the detailing below may be?

Well I'll keep you posted on how I do,

hugs and kisses

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