Monday, 20 January 2014

lucky little me

Good morning world

Today I thought I would share with you what a wonderful treat I have been given.

A bit before Christmas I was asked by one of the lovely Moselele gents if I would like some lace, collars and cuffs etc (they are such a nice crowd,) and I obviously said yes please. Love a bit of lace, especially as it was antique.  This had been kept by his wife, having come from her mother etc, but just left in the bag and never used, so they wanted it to go to a good home where it could be used and appreciated again. Well when I got the lace home and opened up the white tissue it was all so carefully wrapped in I was amazed, so I thought I better share it with you all before I start sew it on things here and there.  Also I am adding a label 'vintage lace' to the blog post, and I shall use it whenever I use some of the lace in a project and it gets photoed on here, so that they can follow what's happening to their lace.  I would also like to say THANK YOU for thinking of me as your lace recipient, I really do love it all and will make good use of it, and the dresses that came with it, although they may not stay as dresses for long.

carefully wrapped in white tissue

3 little cotton dress that came with the lace

some of the black net that also came with it, can this be ironed I wonder?

roll 1 (I have number them so I find things again easily) 

1 of 2 tube shapes, I presume they are for lower arms, and I am going to wear these as they are, truly beautiful irish crochet, so fine and detailed.

roll 2  - all lovely irish crochet 

roll 3 - close up

roll 3

roll 4

roll 5

roll 6

roll 7

roll 8
and some close ups of the lace

only coloured piece and you can see where it has been unpicked from something
Well if that hasn't made you craft people jealous I don't know what will. I know that I am very lucky though and I am itching to get going on something with it. The first of which will involve a bit of dieing so photos to follow, but that's all from me today.

hugs and kisses 
ally x

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