Wednesday, 9 October 2013

positively plaid or terrific tartan

Hi folks

so who knows the difference between tartan and plaid?

After a small internet search I am still not really sure.  Plaid may be a type of material with criss-cross patterns on it, of which tartan is an example, along with gingham and check etc. Or plaid may be a material pleated into folds for wearing ie a kilt.

Whichever way it goes, I have been the rather lucky recipient of a unwanted stash of material which included a very nice wool 'check' material, which has rather inspired me over the last couple of days....

Not everything went smoothly, this attempt at a square bag, similar to a round bag I have made before very sucessfully, was dreadful. In my mind it worked, but in reality it hung so badly, it never occurred to me until I had finished that it was in fact just a cushion cover with a zip through the diagonal. But at least I know now.

And I just can't seem to stop with those circles now, I even managed to get them on to one of the hats. No I can't take credit for that, this hat is a vogue pattern number V7464, which I have had for years. 

I also decided to have another try at a blanket stitch hat I have on hold waiting for inspiration, see if trying it in different fabric helps iron out the bugs, but this is still at the cutting stage.

Well folks, not too much to say today, to excited to get back up there and get on with it, but more soon. ps, if anyone does know the difference, let me know thanks.

warmest thoughts as always.
ally x

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