Friday, 4 October 2013

muffins for breakfast?

once again, hello, still tuning in, that's nice.

ok so inspiration for todays recipe, well I looked in the fridge and found an almost overripe avocado and some left over halloumi, so I decided to test out this wonderful internetty thing and typed avocado, halloumi and recipe into Google images.  This is what I got back :

Well I was quite impressed by this as I thought it was an unusual combination, but there were a lot of very tasty looking pictures, but I didn't want a salad, or open top sandwich affair, I wanted something that could be made now but eaten later, when everyone was around.  On scrolling downwards I came upon a muffin recipe though and decided that would do,
Avocada, Bacon and Halloumi Muffins no less. Sadly when I checked the fridge there was no bacon in sight, but there was a little ham looking a little sad in the bottom of it's packet, so you can guess what happened there can't you.

The recipe was from Rock Salt:  I spent a little time wandering through the blog and have to say found them most entertaining, have a look it you have time.
This image is from their blog; muffins, looking most tasty.

Does anyone know the difference between corn meal and polenta, as I thought I had polenta in the cupboard but when I looked it turned out to be cornmeal, so that worked alright for this recipe. Having just had a quick google on the subject, it seems the difference lies in the fineness of the grinding, so I could have used either. The muffins worked out ok, not overly special but ok.

Other things going on today, I'm doing a loaf called Pan Gallego from The Practical Encyclopedia of Baking, a rather large tomb from one Martha Day.  Needed in the machine, so I cheat, it will still tastes the same. The picture below shows the second rise of this one not long before baking.

And since the muffin tin are out anyway, a batch of cupcakes. Dr J. does like a cupcake. Actually no cupcakes, just looked over to the egg slide and there is only 1 left and since it raining today, I don't fancy a trip to the shop just for eggs, so cupcakes are on hold for another day. While I'm at it though don't you like the slide? A vintage find down in Cornwall last year, and I love it. Do you keep your eggs in or out of the fridge? I must admit to liking having them at baking temperature (ie room temperature) when I fancy cooking and not having to get them out in advance, You see the bit of a problem there, not really keen on anything in advance, spur of the moment kinda girl, if I want to bake I want to bake now.

Well I guess that kinda wraps up Food Friday for another week.

Monday will bring bullet bra progress and some snippets of what I'm doing with plaid, lovely stuff.

have a lovely weekend all
ally x

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  1. How splendidly delicious looking. I love savoury and sweet muffins in equal measures. My mother baked so many of each type when we were growing up. In fact, it was a bit odd if there wasn't some kind of muffin in the house (even if that meant they were in the freezer) most of the time. These days I still love whipping up GF, EF ones that I can safely eat. Pumpkin spice has been heavy rotation here for the past couple of weeks.

    ♥ Jessica

    *PS* Thank you so much for your terrifically lovely blog comment today, dear Alison. I would be a joy and an honour to sport one your resplendent hats in an outfit post. Please email me anytime if that's something you'd like to chat about further. ♥