Wednesday, 25 September 2013

so many things to consider

Morning all

Today we had the first foggy morning of autumn and I thought it looked great, I do love autumn when the leaves change and you need to wrap up a little warmer.  I'm still a big fan of kicking my way through big piles of red and gold leaves just like I did when I was younger. But colder days also make hat wearing more acceptable which is always a good thing in my book, although most of the hats I make for myself wouldn't really do much to keep your ears warm.

Well yesterday was 3 years to the day that myself and Dr J. had our first date, so we went out for a very nice meal at a lovely little local restaurant, Blue Ginger, which I really can't recommend highly enough. The food is divine, and the service perfect. We had a very pleasant evening, and I was completely stuffed by the end of it. But as we chatted on though the evening we began to discuss in more earnest than previously, wedding plans.  Since getting engaged back in summer, I have to admit we have been very lacks in doing anything to make a wedding next year a reality. I had a few ideas in my head about ring cushions and bouquets, but nothing concrete, and that's not really the important stuff to decide early on.

Summer wedding from
My first thought was a summer wedding in a large garden with dappled sunshine, but what if it rains?
ok you get marquees out and decorate them with fairy lights, still like this theme.

or how about a winter wedding with snow and a roaring fire in an old victorian building with a sweeping staircase I could make a grand entrance down, sounds good doesn't it, but when can you guarantee snow.
Winter Wedding from
and of course there are plus and minus for spring and autumn too, somewhere with sweeping gardens would look lovely at both these times of year, but in this country you never really know when its just going to drizzle.
Spring wedding from 
Autumn wedding from

We both dismissed going aboard quite quickly, I just have a kinda little feeling that I want it to be quite English, I can envisage drinking cocktails out of teacups and as I plan this to be my only wedding, I want it to be quirky and just right, even if I don't know what that is yet, I know it's not a blazing hot beach. Nothing wrong with blazing hot beaches by the way, as a honeymoon it's still an option, although up an Italian mountain is possibly higher on that list.

In the main it must be relaxed, casual but still beautiful, is that possible? with enough planning I'm confident I can pull it off, and to keep the ball rolling this morning I have sent off for a few brochures. We may not have made any definite 'yes' decisions, but we have at least dismissed a number of 'no' options, so we are now making progress.

Oh an interesting little fact I learnt today: the wedding breakfast, served after the ceremony often in the afternoon.  So why call it a breakfast?
Well religious customs often had bride and groom fasting before the ceremony and they and their guests were then breaking that fast.  Makes sense when you know.

0k so I'm off to do something in the sewing room.
have a good day everyone.
love ally x

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