Friday, 6 September 2013

chilli-beef stuffed courgettes or zucchini if you'd rather

Hi folks

I typed this up last night just so you know, it is now morning and not night, and I do know the difference.

Well here we are at Food Friday again, and today's recipe is inspired by these lovely looking treats: 

Chilli-beef stuffed courgettes from The Seasonal Kitchen which I pinned on my Pinterest  board 'the cookery bit'.

And there was a very good reason for choosing this one, mother's garden.  Whilst my mother is away, I have the watering role and this means I get to pick any veg ready before she is back, and yesterday I found a courgette that had been growing a tad longer than its friends and was now almost a marrow, so a quick browse through Pinterest and I found this lovely picture. Next year I am getting a veg plot going, I have really missed having my own this year, nothing is nicer than runner beans cooked and eaten straight from being picked, but house came first this year.

I am rather lucky in that Dr J. felt like cooking when he came in from work tonight so whilst I type this up he is doing all the hard work and the smells wafting my way are most tantalising.  He had a quick look at the recipe and decided to do it his way anyway, he does like to do that. So our dinner includes as an extra bacon and milk (a trick Dr J. learnt from the Sicilians) and none of the other ingredients were measured, but neither of us can usually be all that bothered with measuring when dealing with this kind of cooking.  The only thing I usually measure when cooking is baking ie bread, cakes or pastry. Also we are rather lacking in red wine, so a splosh of white is going in now, with a little taster for the cook obviously, (and me too).  Dr J. has just commented that the wine has made it smell very good indeed. I have to agree.  The courgettes have been in the oven in a roasting dish with a glass of water for 30mins first to soften. Chili on top and cheese and back in the oven (without water this time) to bake.

the chili minus beans
The beans were also from mother's so thank mom.

and a very clean plate so I say a 10 out of 10 for this one, it was very tasty. Well I hope you enjoyed that as much as I did and I have an avocado to use up somewhere in the back of the fridge, so I'm off to look for recipes.

Speak soon, love ally x

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