Friday, 23 August 2013

Food on Friday part two

Hello again everyone
So here I am with all the ingredients assembled.  The first job was to sieve all the dry ingredients, which I duly did, but in hindsight I wouldn't as ground almonds do not sieve well or not in my sieve anyway, so next time I will do them separately afterwards.  The rest went without too many setbacks, the only thing really worth mentioning is that when Nigella asks for firm peaks she really wants FIRM peaks.  I think I could have done with a bit more whisking at that stage
Not quite firm enough peaks

folding in the dry ingredients 
Now on the baking sheet ready to go in, I could point out at this stage I had lost the round end piping nozzle, so had used a star shape one instead, but I'm sure Nigella wouldn't mind. They are rather messy at this stage but there was no mention of the needing room on the sheet for growth, and to be honest they only grew a little so there wasn't much touching after baking. So after sandwiching together with the creamy bit, here is what we have:

and they are as tasty as they look
and of course you really need a cuppa to enjoy them at their best, coffee or tea, I tried with both and my son and his mate gave them a definite thumbs up.  To sum up I'd say a little bit high on the effort front, but well worth it.

Now don't expect these little baking episodes to always go well, this a picture shows an attempt at making Nigella's cinder toffee, now it tasted great when you could manage to chip a little out of the dish, but I did 'butter well', and it just wasn't enough, so I hope to show you my ups and downs too and maybe we can all learn a little on the way.
till next time. 
ally x

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