Friday, 30 August 2013

Food Friday - Spinach and Parmesan Bloomer

Morning all,

I know last week I said that I would be posting 2 food items on a Friday, but I'm afraid, as I'm sure you will understand, that this week things have gone awry, and for some of the week I didn't feel much like eating let alone cooking.  Well life must go on and indeed it is my daughter's 18 birthday this weekend, one needs to pull oneself together, so I have.  That said I only have one food item to write about, but maybe doing two was too ambitious I'll see how I get on next week and may change that.

Anyhow I have the pleasure in owning a bread maker, which I love and use very regularly, usually just the basic white or brown, sometimes baked in it, but what I really love is letting it do all the hard work needing and then I can arranging the dough into a nice shape, leaving to rise and baking in the oven. Rather lazy I know but so convenient. Anyhow in the spirit of Food Friday, I ventured outside the usual recipes and found Spinach and Parmesan Bloomer in The Ultimate Bread Machine Cookbook.  Having a large amount of spinach left over from one of the daughters health kicks I thought this would be ideal. Further investigation of the fridge showed up no parmesan, but I did uncover some feta that needed eating up, so I decided to give that a go instead.

Frying onions to start with

adding the spinach to wilt


Crumbled feta
In hindsight, or what to do next time if I make this again, I would reduce some of the liquid content, as thinking about it makes sense, feta is a wetter cheese than parmesan, so the dough came out far wetter, but it still worked well enough.
The dough having risen

What it should look like
finished bread,
 I forgot to take a photo when it first came out of the oven and only remembered when we were halfway through it, but it didn't last long and was quite tasty fresh and used for cheese on toast the next day it was very good.  So in summary a nice loaf, a bit more effort than the standard with frying onions,welting spinach and other bits and pieces, but if you have the time it was worth it.

Well that's this Friday, lets see how I do next week, since we eat everyday you think it shouldn't be too hard to manage two recipes, but I'm not going to make this a stressful thing so we will see.

I shall be in touch before then though with more retro sewing updates.
take care all, ally. x

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