Wednesday, 21 August 2013

A sew along - yes thats what I wanted and so soon.

Hi folks 

I'm quite excited about the content of this post.  I have been aware that the world of internet sewers got together from time to time and did something called sew-alongs.  Up to this point I had always found out about it too late and would have just been too busy anyway.  Well not this time.


Lucky Lucille and By Gum, By Golly present... *Fall For Cotton: a vintage sewing challenge for the cotton lover!* see sidebar for more details.

It seems pretty straightforward, sew something in cotton for autumn.  I can do that, in fact I have a number of projects waiting upstairs in the sewing room that would fit the bill very nicely, but which one.

And the timetable is quite acceptable; get supplies together now, start sewing 1st September, finish for the end of September, for a parade of photos on flicker.  I feel quite excited about it.

But the real call of duty this week is Dr J. costume for a party next Saturday, I'm not going to put up any more fact about that yet, as someone going may be reading and I don't want to give anything away, only to say I quite looking forward to seeing him in it.

possible choices
I dismissed the ones that I thought wouldn't really do for cotton, but that still left 5 to pick between. Well after much umming and ahhing, I decided  on ....
a 1940 fitted jacket pattern from EvaDress Patterns, C40.1284, that I have been sitting on for far too long,  doesn't she look so demure. So now to decide on material. I'll keep you posted on that.  

But I think that for today, that best be all as Saturday approaches and as well as Dr J's outfit, I still have to work on mine.  
take care all you lovelies.

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