Saturday, 29 June 2013

vintage inspired evening bag update

Hi folks
I know it hasn't been a week yet, but I just thought I'd share with you the finished bag photos as next week there may be nothing on here as I will be busy with last minute preparations for Hepcats.

I am pleased with the way it turned out and the style goes well with my outfit, obviously the colour is a perfect match as it is the same material, and there was enough left for a few flowers for my hair, so I shall be very coordinated.  The dress is almost finished now too, just the handsewing to be done.  I have been known to spend the car journey sewing and even be still attaching shoulder pads just before the 'do', obviously this is a little tricky if I'm driving so I try to get someone else to do that bit for me.

Well back to the bag; 2 half circles sewn together and a zip inserted, I decided to only line the bottom half of the bag for ease so I ran a zigzag stitch over the raw edges, to stop any fraying, before sewing the zip in place.

The handles were just 2 lengths of the material folded over some felt for padding, I sewed them onto the outside, parallel with the zip, sewing over the stitching already there for neatness, bit hard to get that bit to show on the photo, but hopefully you get my drift, let me know if it needs more explanation.

Then I layered the circles together, felt on the bottom, then the bottom circle and then the top, face down so right sides are together, and simply sew round the edge.  One very important point at this stage is to make sure your zip is open otherwise you'll have a right old job trying to turn your bag right side out. 

and viola 

I ironed a hem on the lining and cut darts into the seam of the bag so there would be less bulk once turned.

The last task; getting the lining on. This was a little tricky as I had to hand sew the lining in position through the zip opening, but with a glass of wine and a bit of telly, quite do-able. 

 so here it is, a vintage inspired evening bag, is there a market for such things or is it just me that loves to dress up. No I know there's loads of you out there........

But enough of this I've still got several more outfits to finish for next weekends Hepcats. Wish me luck. ally x
50s style evening bag to match my outfit.

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